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Access to data collection is one of the primary barriers to deep-sea exploration. We are creating low-cost, easy-to-use deep-sea systems that gather the most critical data to inform environmental decision-making.


The 2022 Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment, conducted by the Ocean Discovery League, is a baseline assessment of the technical and human capacity for deep-sea exploration and research in every coastal area with deep ocean worldwide.


Enormous amounts of ocean video have been collected in the last few decades, but little has been viewed or analyzed. We are developing AI-driven tools to dramatically accelerate analysis of existing and newly acquired ocean video and imagery.


The 2022 Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment includes online survey and manual research data for 186 geographical areas divided into six global regions: Europe, Asia, Northern America, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America & the Caribbean. 


ODL's most recent publication, "Low-Cost, Deep-Sea Imaging and Analysis Tools for Deep-Sea Exploration: A Collaborative Design Study," discusses the key findings from a multiyear co-design study capturing the needs of multiple user groups for exploration tools.


Ocean Discovery League highlights opportunities throughout the ocean exploration community. If you have an opportunity or event you'd like us to feature, please submit it here!

We are partnering with Experiment Foundation on the Ocean Solutions grant fund. Apply now to fundraise for your own innovative ocean grants, and get the seed money you need to get started!

Deadline: Ongoing

Lead, sustain, and grow digital products (website, social media) for the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography.

Deadline: Sept 15, 2022