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Ocean Discovery League team members have co-authored multiple publications related to our core verticals of low-cost ocean technology, ocean artificial intelligence, and capacity building. 

Recent Publications

Seafloor Observation Scenario Exploration Tool: enabling representative exploration of the global deep seafloor

Frontiers in Marine Science

Johannes Kristen N., Kennedy Brian. R., Bell Katherine L C. Frontiers in Marine Science. 2023.

Exposing inequities in deep-sea exploration and research: results of the 2022 Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment

Frontiers in Marine Science

Bell Katherine, Lynn Croff, Quinzin Maud Caroline, Amon Diva, Poulton Susan, Hope Alexis, Sarti Otmane, Cañete Titus Espedido, Smith Alanna Matamaru, Baldwin Harriet Isobel, Lira Drew Marie, Cambronero-Solano Sergio, Chung Tyler-Rae Aiysha, Brady Bahia. Frontiers in Marine Science. 2023. ISSN=2296-7745.

Designing Ocean Vision AI: An Investigation of Community Needs for Imaging-based Ocean Conservation

FathomNet: A global image database for enabling artificial intelligence in the ocean

Nature Scientific Reports

K Katija, E Orenstein, B Schlining, L Lundsten, K Barnard, G Sainz, O Boulais, M Cromwell, E Butler, B Woodward,  KLC Bell. 2022. FathomNet: A global image database for enabling artificial intelligence in the ocean. Nature Scientific Reports. 12:15914.

Maka Niu: A Low-Cost, Modular Imaging and Sensor Platform to Increase Observation Capabilities of the Deep Ocean

Frontiers of Marine Science

Novy D, Kawasumi L, Ferguson J, Sullivan M, Bell P, Chow JS, de Sousa JB, Cantner KA, Woodward B, Adams A and Bell KLC (2022) Maka Niu: A low-cost, modular imaging and sensor platform to increase observation capabilities of the deep ocean. Front. Mar. Sci. 9:986237. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.986237

Participatory Design for Low-Cost, Deep-Sea Imaging and Analysis. Frontiers of Marine Science.

Frontiers of Marine Science, 2022

KLC Bell†, JS Chow†, A Hope, M Quinzin, KA Cantner, DJ Amon, JE Cramp, RD Rotjan, L Kamalu, A de Vos, S Talma, S Buglass, V Wade, Z Filander, K Noyes, M Lynch, A Knight, N Lourenço, P Girguis, J Sousa, C Blake, BRC Kennedy, T Noyes, C McClain.

My Deep Sea, My Backyard: A Pilot Study to Build Capacity for Global Deep-Ocean Exploration and Research

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 2022

Amon, DJ†, RR Rotjan, BRC Kennedy, G Alleng, R Anta, E Aram, KM Gjerde, J Gobin, T Edwards, M Creary-Ford, L-A Henderson, R Hinds, A Hope, B Phillips, RK Ali, S Lanser, K Lewis, H Lochan, S MacLean, N Mwemwenikarawa, B Rimon, S-A Sarjursingh, A Tekiau, T Teemari, A Turchik, H Vallès, K Waysang, KLC Bell. 2022.

FathomNet: An underwater image training database for ocean exploration and discovery

Boulais O., B. Woodward, L. Lundsten, K. Barnard, B. Schlining, K.L.C. Bell, K. Katija. 2020. arXiv: 2007.00114.

First records of the seven-gilled Notorynchus cepedianus and six-gilled Hexanchus griseus sharks (Chondrichthyes: Hexanchiformes: Hexanchidae) found in the Galápagos Marine Reserve.

Journal of Fish Biology, 2020

Buglass, S., S. Nagy, D. Ebert, P. Sepa, A. Turchik, K.L.C. Bell, F. Rivera, & J. Giddens. 2020.

Initial Observations and Preliminary Interpretations from Telepresence-enabled Exploration of the Southern California Borderland, USA

Bell, KLC, ML Brennan, M-H Cormier, M Legg, JE Conrad, CM Castillo, N Raineault, M Lubetkin, J Marlow, C Caldow. 2019. In: From the Mountains to the Abyss: The California Borderland as an Archive of Southern California Geologic Evolution. Eds. K Marsaglia, R Behl, and J Schwalbach. SEPM Special Publication 110: 296-327.

Telepresence-enabled maritime archaeological exploration in the deep

Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 2018

Brennan, ML, F Cantelas, K Elliott, JP Delgado, KLC Bell, D Coleman, A Fundis, J Irion, HK Van Tilburg, RD Ballard. 13: 97.

Results of Telepresence-enabled Exploration

Raineault, NA, KLC Bell, P Girguis, eds. 2018. , Deep Sea Research II. Vol 150.

Previous Project Reports

From 2017-2021, the Open Ocean Initiative at the MIT Media Lab facilitated many activities and projects, producing reports on learnings from each one. In 2021, Open Ocean spun off into Ocean Discovery League, continuing several of these key initiatives.

Open Ocean Reports

Bell, K. C. (n.d.). History of Open Ocean. Open Ocean. Retrieved from

Hope, A., Chow, J., & Bell, K. C. (2021). North Star Design Principles. Open Ocean.

Bell, K. C., Cantner, K., Chow, J., Hope, A., & Quinzin, M. (2020). Co-Designing for Deep Ocean Imaging and Analysis. Open Ocean.

Bell, K. C. (2021).

2018 Here Be Dragons Project Reports

Bell, K. C., Chow, J., Hope, A., & Novy, D. (2021). Here Be Dragons 2018 Report. Open Ocean.

Adams, A., & Bernstein, J. (2021). Project Prometheus Report. Open Ocean.

Adams, M., Bray, B., Ellenbogen, K., Fornasaro, R., Marlow, J., McLean, C., & Rozendo, C. (2021). Micronauts Report. Open Ocean.

Amon, D., Rotjan, R., Kennedy, B., Alleng, G., Anta, R., Aram, E., … Bell, K. C. (2021). My Deep Sea, My Backyard Report. Open Ocean.

Katija, K., Orenstein, E., Schlining, B., Lundsten, L., Barnard, K., Sainz, G., … Bell, K. C. (2019). Big Ocean, Big Data Report. Open Ocean.

Najjar, D., & Normandin, A. (2021). Ocean Cultures Report. Open Ocean.

Normandin, A., & Najjar, D. (2021). Boston Intertidal Exploration Report. Open Ocean.

Oran, D., Smith, R., Novy, D., Babakhanova, S., Phillips, B., Adams, A., & Chronopoulos, C. (2021). Wheels of Poseidon Report. Open Ocean.

Salvador, E., & Lutz, N. (2021). Connected Coral Report. Open Ocean.

Training & Expeditions Reports

Bell, K. C. (2021). Deep Sea Camera System Training & Expedition Assessment Report 2019. Open Ocean.

Jang, J., Xia, C., & Bernstein, J. (2021). Appendix A: New Technology Deployments. Open Ocean.

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