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We highlight as many opportunities in the ocean exploration space as possible including job opportunities, workshops, grant opportunities, and more. If you have an event or opportunity you would like us to highlight, please email us at

Ocean Solutions Fund

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Ocean Solutions Experiment Fund Projects

We are proud to partner with Experiment on the Ocean Solutions Fund. This fund provides a fundraising platform for local ocean projects worldwide. These projects will not happen without your support! Please consider contributing to these projects and apply for your own project funds now at the Ocean Solutions website.

Other Opportunities

Schmidt's Expressions of Interest aboard R/V Falkor (too)

Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) is soliciting Expressions of Interest (EOI) for collaborative, multidisciplinary research at any time and for any location identified as an area of operation for R/V Falkor (too). EOIs and full proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed twice per year. 

Submit an EOI here.

Deadline: Rolling

COBRA Early Career Accelerator Stipends

COBRA is continuing to accept applications for their small accelerator stipends to accelerate the training of early career participants. These funds can be used for any type of training activity, and are expected to establish direct linkages among individuals to result in a more well-connected community and the development of future COBRA researchers and leaders.

Apply here.

Deadline: Rolling

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