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ODL has received a $1.2 million ocean technology transition grant from NOAA and the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) for the development of its next-generation deep ocean sensor and camera system.

Recent Media


Ocean Discovery League recently participated in the fourth Young Explorers Program with OceanX aboard OceanXplorer providing hands-on research and mentorship opportunities to 15 university students in the fields of storytelling, marine biology, and ocean exploration.

Deep sea creature.

The current expense of studying the deep seas stymies many research initiatives, so scientists have developed a low-cost imaging and sensor device to make access to the deep sea more equal. Dr. Katy Croff Bell explains the how the idea was developed and what the future of Maka Niu looks like. 


Smithsonian Magazine profiles Ocean Discovery League's work on Maka Niu and other low-cost, deep ocean sensors to broaden access to deep-sea exploration by removing the barrier of affordability.


ODL’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Brian Kennedy's opinion piece about why the Pacific Remote Islands need protection. He emphasizes the importance of sanctuary protections to exclude destructive activities and enable ongoing scientific research.

An example of machine learning detection of deep-sea footage

ODL is part of a multi-disciplinary team recently awarded a $5M NSF Convergence Accelerator Grant to develop Ocean Vision AI (OVAI). OVAI uses the power of artificial intelligence to process ocean imagery.

Students developing a deployment stucture for a low cost ocean sensor.

In partnership with Sharks Pacific, ODL is currently co-hosting a workshop for Cook Islanders ages 16-24 in ocean exploration, technology, and research using our Maka Niu camera and other technology.

Katy NG Article 1.jpg

Katy Croff Bell was interviewed for the December 2020 issue of National Geographic Magazine about why diversity is so important for science and exploration. “If we’re actually going to explore the entire ocean...we need new communities of people to be involved.” 

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 2.57.56 PM.png

Systems R&D Lead Engineer Dr. Jessica Sandoval was recently named to The Explorers Club 50 Explorers to Watch. "I hope to lead by example and show that a Latina woman can push past barriers of representation and change the notion of what it means to be an ocean explorer."


Female scientists have weathered bias, lack of support, and unsafe work environments since the dawn of oceanography. Could recent initiatives, technology, and awareness chart the way to safer waters?


The "My Deep Sea, My Backyard" project aims to allow previously marginalized communities to step into the deep sea conversation by giving them the capability to explore, understand, and manage their deep sea backyard.

CBS's "Mission Unstoppable" Features Katy Croff Bell

Be inspired by female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) superstars in leading fields including social media, entertainment, animals, design, and the internet.


The partnership is a natural extension of Slack for Good’s mission to increase the number of historically underrepresented individuals in tech, and it ties into Slack’s broader sustainability effort. 

Katy Croff Bell featured on National Geographic's Women of Impact

In her two decades of working in marine science and deep sea exploration, Dr. Katy Croff Bell has set her sights on having more women leaders on board. 

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries and press kits, please contact Susan Poulton, Vice President of Strategy and Communications,

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